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The Conduct of the Boardroom

An effective meeting accomplishes goals, but a long meeting accomplishes wasted time. This is a sign of a meeting without an agenda and rules.  Master the skills of being a great facilitator, achieving all objectives on your agenda and above all ending your meeting on time.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward on the Job

Everyday in our workplace we encounter people in a variety of business situations.  Our mothers taught us “home training” but who taught us office etiquette?  The way we   interact in a business environment creates a lasting impression for our supervisor, coworkers and clients.  Master the art of introduction, telephone, technology, etiquette and the unwritten rules of office etiquette which the leader never told you, but bases your evaluation upon.

The Meat of the Greet

First impressions are often lasting impressions. We make an impression upon someone in the first ten seconds. This course will teach you the business rules of introductions, net weaving your way to the top and put you at ease in conversing with anyone.


How Do You Chat & Chew: Table Manners Matter

Let’s face it, whether we are with family, friends or business associates, dining skills are important. The current economic climate has caused employers, employment seekers, and those wishing to remain employed to find new ways to meet and connect.  Breakfast meetings at the corner café, working power lunches, retirement receptions - all involve food, drink and conversation. This course will cover silverware placement, dining styles, and how to handle awkward situations.


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