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           The New Taboo Question

Image by Steven Cornfield
vaccination shot.jpg

Growing up, there were four topics of conversation that were taboo: Money, Politics, Sex and Religion. Nobody ever had to say it, we just knew. These are things you should never talk about in public because they are all very personal and communal.

During this Covid 19 Pandemic we are approached with a new taboo Question  – Covid 19 Vaccination and we cannot get around it. What is the proper etiquette in this age? 

Here are some etiquette tips to help you navigate through the pandemic.

Don’t ask, “Are you getting vaccinated?” This is a personal question, almost like asking if you believe in God. It is a personal choice. If the question is asked, be prepared as to how to react if you do not agree with their conviction.

Don’t complicate the situation. If you feel strongly about the pandemic, do not entertain or dine in public. Staying at home may keep you safe and does not present complications. If you want to operate as if everything is normal, then hang around people who feel the same, or suggest an alternative and meet in the middle.  

Observe Your Company . Their actions will dictate your approach. Do they talk about the vaccination, wear double protective gear, or barely keep their mask on?

Communicate effectively. Discuss the situation over the phone before you meet in public with your friends or attend an event. Some people are unable to wear masks due to other health conditions, so inform your doctor so they can accommodate this situation. Inform your employer if you are uncomfortable around someone who is not vaccinated.

Be responsible. Be responsible for yourself and let others know your expectations, but don’t push your convictions on others.


Follow the rules. CDC, your state, and your local authorities have established guidelines. Follow them.

Handle it with grace. Ask your COVID-19 questions respectfully. If things become uneasy, then move on to a positive topic. It is not how we fumble in the process, but how we move on with grace that matters.

We are all social beings and may these etiquette tips carry you through the pandemic season and make your interactions enjoyable.

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