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Please  check this page for upcoming events or send your email via our contact form to be placed on the mailing list.

July   2020

Elements of Society  will be presenting virtual workshop in July 2020.  Please check site for upcoming date 


Should I have Posted That? 

Coming in August 2020

Online class on Udemy

Our Signature Series

This is our six session class for ages 8 - 15. The topics covered include introductions, body language, health and hygiene, telephone etiquette, audience etiquette and table manners.



Should I have posted that? Your decisions in the digital world can follow you for life. Teens, learn about digital etiquette. This class will be online. Please contact us for futher information. 



It's a Family Affair

This fun and informative program will be taught in the comfort of your home around your cooked meal. Includes 2 hour instructions and a reference guide for the family. Limit of six as a family size.

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