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Children and Youth


A Healthy Body Equals a Healthy Mind

The importance of a nutritious meal and fun ways to exercise will be addressed in this course. Grooming techniques for a more polished look and hygiene will be discussed

How Do You Do ?   

First impressions are often lasting impressions. This course will teach your child the finer points of meeting and greeting others their age and older. Tips on eye contact, a winning smile and a firm handshake will also boost your child’s self esteem.

Your Body’s Talking

The way a child walks or sits says a great deal about his or her self-perception, Wouldn’t you like your child to be more comfortable and confident?  This class will cover  posture, the proper stance, sitting on the  floor and in a  chair, and getting in and out of an automobile.


Pass the Peas, Please

Where should I place my napkin? Which spoon is for the soup? This finger-licking exercise will answer these questions and more.

Going Out  

Whether going to the movies, theater or the circus, appearance and behavior at any of these events will impact the outing.  Get tips on how to make the best of any occasion.

To Speak or Not to Speak

Maybe your child is at a lost of words. He/she will learn telephone etiquette and buzzwords to make conversations flow freely.

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