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At Last, The First Date

You finally figured out the right angle for a selfie or a professional head shot, mastered the pick-up lines, Facebook proves you are a socialite, that special ringtone resonates and now your being promoted from being a text buddy . At Last, The First Date

Technology may have got you this far, and you not your avatar has to show up. Here are a few dating etiquette tips for the first date, to make it to the second date.

BE PRESENT - The most important person is the one in front of you. Let’s put the phone on vibrate and focus on your date, not the food, the ambience or the music.

BE GROOMED - Ladies you just purchased a new outfit for your date. Negative. A first date can be awkward so choose to wear something already in your wardrobe that you are comfortable in. You will come across more confident and relaxed. Ladies the new shoes may be too tight or men the pants don’t hang right. Men this is not the time to try a new barber.

BE NEUTRAL - The first date should never be at your place and preferably not over a meal. Both parties should meet in a neutral place. Meet over coffee/tea or drinks. Imagine having to sit across from someone through an entire meal. Keep it short and sweet. Leave them wanting more.

RESTROOM CHECK – Arrive early and go in the restroom to check your attire and appearance. If sweaty palms, wash and dry your hands. Ladies touch up on make-up and make sure you don’t have lipstick teeth. A restroom check should be done before and before the date ends. You may need to pop a mint.

KNOW YOUR ROLE – A man likes to be in the presence of a lady. Wear a dress, no big hair, a smile and be pleasant. A lady loves a gentleman. Wear casual slacks and a shirt. There will be plenty of time for jeans. Chivalry is definitely alive on the first date.

CONVERSATION – Let it flow, be light and humorous. Everyone loves a compliment and a good listener. Talk about the latest festival or concert you attended or a funny moment. Men steer away from mentioning your sexual escapades and women no likes a chatty catty or to hear about the latest reality show. The old adage still applies for first dates, don’t talk about sex, religion or politics.

BE YOURSELF - You peaked the person interest thus far. Relax and have fun. If it is not a love connection, make it a network connection. You can’t lose either way.

LaDonna G. Carter is an etiquette consultant with Elements of Society.Looking for solutions to your etiquette dilemmas or for a seminar? She can be contacted via web or follow her on twitter @etiquette2u.

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