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The Alarming Cell Phone

The preacher is delivering the word of God as you sit in church and suddenly a ring is heard, but it is not from heaven. Monday morning staff meeting has just started and as your reviewing the fiscal budget, a melody starts to play. The host is patiently waiting for your date to order from the menu, but he or she is too busy talking and not to you.

A man is walking down the street yelling and conversing with an unknown person in sight.

One may get the impression we do not respect God, our workplace or the fellow human being sitting across from us. The alarming ring of a cell phone has been heard during church services, a business meeting and on a date, just to name a few. Technology has brought us the alarming cell phone and with it came cell phone abuse.

In a technology driven society, manners have gone by the wayside. Is technology harmonious with lack of manners or a convenient excuse?

According to the E-Etiquette National Survey conducted in 2000, by Luntz Research " Cell phone abuse is the most common and most disliked e-etiquette faux pas in today's technological environment" observed by pollster Frank Luntz. Some may take "cell phone abuse" lightly. However, the matter is serious enough that legislation regarding cell phone usage has been enacted. Restaurant , theatres, and other public places have even posted signs to deter the shouting cell phone assailant. But many people who own cell phones consider them a necessity and a form of security. It is a wonder we ever lived without them. Are cell phones feeding our frenzy; to own a new gadget, serve as a status symbol and transact business deals? Or do they offer a new form of protection that make us believe help and love is only a phone call away?

Cell phones have provided conveniences that are immeasurable and have made a profound impact on the economy. They have become an integral part of our every day life. Where do we draw the line? However, as with all good things, moderation is the key. Below are a few cellphone etiquette tips:

Cell Phone Etiquette Tips

  • Turn your phone on "vibrate"when you are attending an event or meeting.

  • When you are expecting a phone call, notify the person you are with.

  • Excuse yourself from the table when dining. Limit your call to two minutes. If it cannot be handled in the allotted time, call them back at a more convenient time.

  • Go to a private location to conduct your call. Remember: the conversation is between you and the caller, not you and everyone in ear distance.

  • Just like a smoker, ask others do they mind if you take the call.

  • Speak at a low level, not shouting

  • Learn the options on your phone.

Until next time, turn your cell phone on vibrate, the person is only a phone call away.

LaDonna Carter contributed to this article. LaDonna G. Carter is an etiquette consultant with Elements of Society.Looking for solutions to your etiquette dilemmas or for a seminar? She can be contacted via web or follow her on twitter @etiquette2u.

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